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Sleeping and the Third Trimester

Third trimester sleeping can be incredibly challenging. It's hard to find a comfortable position for sleeping, and just when you do, you have to empty your bladder. And then there's the pillow fort you've constructed to try to help you comfortable! Using your Neeny Bean can help! Our beans will conform to a position that will best support your ever changing body. It's especially helpful to put the Neeny Bean under your belly to support it's weight. There's another advantage to using your bean during pregnancy that will help you after your baby is born. By getting your own unique scent on the pillow, it will help your baby to be calmer. Babies are bathed in amniotic fluid for 9 months, and after they are born they look for that unique scent for calming, so every time you pick up your baby to feed him it reinforces your baby's learning that soothing, calming and food are attached to your scent. This can be particularly helpful for partners who want to help out. If they can wear something with your scent on it, that will help the baby think that you're there even when you're not! #neenybean

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