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What Families Say 


"After destroying my neck and back nursing three babies, I finally invested in the bean nursing pillow for the fourth. If only I could turn back time and go back to the first. That pillow is worth every penny. My back and neck don’t feel strained. The baby wasn’t falling off like other nursing pillows. We used it for nursing, siblings to help feed, tummy time, positioning, a prop for sitting, and we still use it as a regular pillow! No new mom should be without the bean!"  


"We absolutely loved your bean pillow. I got it when my second child was 14 months and it was so helpful to have the additional support nursing an older baby. I transitioned to using it as a pregnancy pillow during my third, and difficult, pregnancy, and then as a nursing pillow for my newborn. Suffering from severe reflux, and later discovered aspiration, my third spent a large amount of his infancy propped up on it, and later, as an add added support when he was a new sitter. My mom also stole it any chance she could get to support her lower back when visiting!"

"The best pillow on the market. You can shape it in whatever position you want which is so helpful when you are beginning nursing. When we stopped nursing it made the perfect pillow. In fact, Grace is sleeping in her crib on hers right now!"


"There truly is no comparison to the quality,softness,and comfort the Neeny Bean has brought to our lives. Our dog loves it so much I may buy a second one just for her and perhaps a third for me because no pillow has cured my neck pain when I sleep like the Neeny Bean does. The #1 breastfeeding, relaxing, quality fabric and contents there is in a pillow. There is no product as good as the Neeny Bean, best investment ever!"


"I can't believe Nora will be 3 on Tuesday! We are still nursing and still using our Neeny Bean! We couldn't have loved without it. It has been a pillow a nursing support a barrier to keep her in bed. Our Neeny Bean has been such a huge part of our lives as have you!"


I've had extremely difficult nursing journeys with both my babies, and the bean has been essential in helping me reach my breastfeeding goals.

"Whenever anyone asks about must haves for breastfeeding I always see people suggest the boppy and I wanna say "Noo! You need a Neeny Bean!"

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